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Where’s the wolf?

Has anyone seen the wolf I brought in, she is a missing object I can’t find her anywhere. Have you seen her?


Daniel’s Bead

I lost my tea set. Mummy knew where it was, it was in a ice cream box. The ice cream box had a picture of an ice cream on the front, but all the ice cream had been eaten. The box was under another box. It was on one of the shelves in the dining room where all my boxes are. My toys live in boxes. When I opened the ice cream box, the teapot was in there. It’s lid was off and inside it I found this bead and one penny.

The Lost Dog

Did anybody else see this dog last week when it was frosty? I think someone dropped it on the way to school. It was on a wall outside school for a few days. I wonder if the dog has been found by the right person. I hope so.