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Isabel is going to America

This is what she put in the suitcase. She went on an areoplane for a long time.


Daniel and Alyesha’s suitcase

Where are they going?

Lola and the dogs

I was so happy because Jo found the wolf that went missing. But Lola said she didn’t think it was a wolf, she thought it was a dog, a mummy dog. She found a puppy, and then the puppy met a mouse and they lived in a basket together because it was so comfortable inside. In the morning when they woke up, they walked to Grandma’s.

Fig’s shell arrangement

I love the way Fig has carefully arranged the sticks into colours and then put them inside the shells.

Evan and the Suitcase

Today Evan found the small brown suitcase and he liked it a lot and took it on a journey to the jungle. This is what he said; ” I’m going jungling. I’m looking for animals. I’m not going to catch them, just look at them and then see if they want to come to my house and play.” After a while he told me ” The monkeys, the parrots and the cats came to my house, they went up to Emmie’s room. They were just playing tea-parties. And me and Emmie joined in. After we went to the supermarket and we met some good dinosuars. I wasn’t scared, I liked them. And I like elephants. And there elephants in the jungle. Baby ones.”

The small brown suitcase.

This suitcase also belonged to the old man. I use it to put interesting objects in and bring them to the Launch Pad.

I wonder what he kept in it?

What happens in a basket.

In November I reflected on how quickly one thing can become another. I have been thinking about the qualities of the container and how these can help transform objects into something else. A basket for instance has a nest-like quality. Leila put these tucked these two dolls up in a basket. But nest are also places in which to store what you have collected. A store house to live in. Like the nest/basket of Daniel’s with two birds sitting on a pile of pen lids, collected from the drawing table. Magpies collect things in their nests, and Caddis flies actually make their nests out of things they have collected. Our houses aren’t made of things we collect, but they are containers for what we collect. 

When things go in a basket they also can become like a bowl, their rounded sides become good for stirring. Spoons help baskets to become a space in which to mix things up. Things in baskets often become things to eat.